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Providing services to

girls + young ladies + women



Positively impact, influence, and promote girl and women leaders. 


She Became seeks to enhance the lives of girls through social and leadership engagement, emotional support, positive relationship building, guidance, and self-empowerment. We provide a safe space where girls can express their thoughts, ideas and suggestions.  A welcoming platform helps in building their self-esteem and self-worth where they can gain confidence in their identity and engage in developing their leadership skills. We believe that when girls feel supported, confident, empowered, and have the right relationships and resources available to them, then they will become strong, secure and empowered to make decisions that will provide a better outcome for their future.


She Became’s vision is derived from the idea that education, mentorship, and community are interconnected; one cannot exist without the other. With our leaders’ combined skills and expertise as well as the relationships established within our schools, local businesses and community, we can have a great impact in producing many opportunities for girls + women.


Encouraging girls and women to activate their unlimited potential through leadership development programs, provision of opportunities, mentorship, community engagement, educational resources, and professional development.





Whether you are seeking higher education or vocational training, She Became believes knowledge is power. We encourage girls + women to dedicate themselves to becoming a student for life - always looking for opportunities to learn and grow.

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She Became believes in connecting generation to generation.  We connect positive, well-established and professional women who have a heart to lead and serve others with girls seeking opportunities to learn, grow and reach their unlimited potential.

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Building a strong presence is one of our highest priorities. She Became seeks to build positive relationships with local businesses, organizations, schools, and elected officials in our communities to become a bridge between girls and community involvement that can ultimately have global impact.

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She Became encourages girls + women to explore, create, and participate in opportunities around them. We believe that each one can make a valuable contribution to their community.  Giving our gifts and talents to serve the community elevates our mental, emotional and spiritual state of being. Their contributions bring value personally as well as corporately and provide vision necessary for future growth.

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