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Published by Our Team

All proceeds are invested back into She Became

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This book you are holding in your hands, She Became - The Women Behind the She, was put together just for YOU. It is not a mistake that you are reading this book. There is a gift inside that is yours if you take the time to unwrap it. What you will find inside are hidden treasures within the words of these pages that can change your life .. for the better. The She’s (girls and women of all ages and backgrounds) that wrote in this book have something important to say to you. I ask you to listen. Hear their wisdom. Receive their inspiration. Hear their heart for you. Feel their love for you. Though they may not know you personally, they know what you have been through. They have walked in your footsteps. They are just a few steps further ahead of you and they can help steer you along a safe and beautiful path for your future. Allow these words to be a mentor to you, a guide that will lovingly escort you and your tender heart to your amazing destiny!

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This book was created by community members of the Central Valley during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. This book is a reminder to eat good food, share your story with others and love like no tomorrow...

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